Third Place

Lee Heehoon

South Korea
Kim Sang-min, 50, who grew up in Busan, has lived in a tiny room alone in Goshichon, Daehak-dong for 20 years. Kim graduated from law school and prepared for the the bar examination, but failed several times and sat down. He receives free meals everyday, ate twice by one in a room 2 meters by 3 meters. Kim, who receives basic benefits, pays 230,000 KRW in rent and has no money to spend. He is a middle-aged man who has lost his motivation to work and cannot give up his dream. I’m used to failure. I don’t communicate with people. Kim, who lives in isolation, became a symbol of alienation after being trapped in a room in Gosichon, which became a symbol of poverty. Goshichon is a neighborhood where Korea’s cheapest rental living space is gathered. It is an created by combining the name “Goshi” of an important examination conducted by the state and the words “Chon,” meaning neighborhood. This neighborhood was once a gateway to success, but now rooms are empty due to Covid 19.
Lee Heehoon is a Photographer based on Soeul South-Korea. Lee is currently Staff photographer for ohmynews, the first online news paper at Korea, founded 22, Feb 2002. Lee studied at Korea University graduate school, majoring in Sociology and graduating with a Bachelor of Photo Journalism degree from Kyungil University Lee focusing on Minority, Social Conflict and Social phenomenon at local part and world Issues.

[ PORTRAITS ] A single photograph of a person or group of people that increases the understanding and appreciation of the subject(s). Selfies or self-portraits are acceptable. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2019 or 2020.

Judges for Portraits
Abir Abdullah
Nariman El Mofty
Bryan van der Beek
Shiho Fukada
Wonsuk Choi