POY Asia judging sessions are moderated by one of the Founding Advisors and he or she has no voting rights.

The main role of a moderator is to facilitate the conversations and occasionally to break up ‘fights’.

Moderators are also around to clarify rules or check on things judges can’t.

The moderator will decide the number of votes to carry to the next round, and the next, until a stage where everyone feels comfortable in discussing the rankings.

Statement of Judging Ethics

Pictures of the Year Asia selects judges who maintain the highest journalistic and ethical standards. We have confidence that these same values will apply as jurors for POY Asia. We recognize that our profession is a close network and that the judges are also working journalists. So, we carefully research and consider any potential conflicts and then counsel all the members about their obligations to be fair and impartial. Any judge with entries in a category are asked to recuse themselves. The entire two weeks of judging is an open forum for anyone to quietly observe the process. POY Asia conducts the annual competition with complete transparency and integrity.