Anindito Mukherjee

A lady looks at the burning funeral pyres of the patients who died of the Covid-19 coronavirus from her house near a makeshift crematorium on May 09, 2021 in New Delhi, India. India broke a fresh record on Thursday with over 412,000 new cases of Covid-19 as the total number of those infected according to Health Ministry data neared 20 million. The real figure could be up to ten times higher, many health experts say, due to a lack of widespread testing or reporting, and only patients who succumbed in hospitals being counted. Hospitals have begun turning away people suffering from Covid-19, having run out of space for the crushing number of people seeking help.
Anindito is an independent photojournalist and documentary photographer, with experience in covering News, Politics, Economics, and Documentary stories. He started his career with India Today in 2006 and has subsequently been  a part of global newswire agencies like EPA, Reuters and Bloomberg.  Anindito’s work has been featured in leading newspapers, magazines, online forums and other publications globally including The New York Times, Time Magazine, IHT, Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Globe and Mail. He deftly uses his photography skills in projects that cross-over from journalism to the development sector and the corporate world. His clients   include Vedenta, the World Health Organization, The Rotary International, UNICEF and WaterAid India.

[ COVID-19 ] A single photograph, candid and un-staged, that reflects the news or human experience of the impact of COVID-19. The image must be documentary and may be related to news, sports, daily life or lifestyle. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2021.

Judges for COVID-19
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