Nomad Vaccination

Dar Yasin


Health workers trekked long distances through remote Himalayan meadows in Kashmir to vaccinate nomadic herders who have travelled for centuries between summer mountain pastures and winter grazing grounds in the lowland plains, herding their goats, sheep and horses. The challenge for the health workers was not the treacherous terrain but persuading these nomads to get inoculated against the coronavirus. “Everywhere we go, it seems rumours reach earlier than we do, and it makes our job difficult,” said one of the health works said. People are hesitant to get vaccinated because of the rumours. And the rumours are plentiful. Fuelled by misinformation and mistrust, many of these people, particularly in remote areas, believe the vaccines cause impotence, have serious side effects and can even lead to death. Some simply say they do not need the shots because they are immune to the coronavirus.

Dar Yasin is a Pulitzer winning photojournalist born and based in Kashmir. Dar has extensively covered Kashmir conflict and the historical opening of bus route between divided Kashmir. On assignment in Afghanistan has covered Afghan War, Afghan Refugees and Daily life of war-torn Afghani’s. Dar has also covered Rohingya refugee crisis who fled large- scale violence and persecution in Myanmar. Dar has won dozens of international and national photo awards. He has also won POYi, POYasia, Atlanta Photojournalism, China Press Photo contest, Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award, the National Headliner Awards, finalist in WARS Photography Award, the Sigma Delta Chi Award by the Society of Professional Journalism. And Indian’s most prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award twice for the stories from Kashmir. Dar also was part of the Associated Press team that won the Hal Boyle Award for the Rohingya Exodus in the Overseas Press Club and a Robert F. Kennedy Award in the International Print category. In the year 2017, he received the NPPA Humanitarian Award which is presented to an individual for playing a key role in the saving of lives or in rescue situations. His work has also been exhibited in Visa Pour L’images in Perpignan.

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