Ta Mwe

Sacca Photo

Ta Mwe is a photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). He is also a member of documentary photography agency, Sacca Photo. Ta Mwe was one of the pioneer bloggers in Myanmar and followed his passion to become a full-time photographer. He has worked for local newspapers and European Pressphoto Agency, and some of his photography projects have been featured in International Herald Tribune, The Guardian and Bangkok Post. He also contributed video reporting for BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, DRT, France 24 and Global Witness. He is regularly working on assignments for Al Jazeera. He founded a photo and video production studio named ‘25º STUDIO’ to provide reportage and documentary film production services in 2015. He is interested in social issues, political issues, human rights issues, and is currently working on personal projects.

[ PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR, ASIA ] This premier category is open to all photographers — independent, agency, wire service, or newspaper photographers. Please submit 10 to 50 images per portfolio consisting of at least two stories. Single images are optional. All images must be taken in 2020 or 2021. Each participant is allowed to enter only one portfolio.

Judges for Photographer of the Year, Asia
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