Award of Excellence

Ebrahim Alipoor

Ebrahim Alipoor
Kabul, Afghanistan, December 03, 2021. Weekly after Friday prayers, the Chaman-e-Huzoori park in downtown Kabul witnesses such scenes played out by men, mostly from Northern Afghanistan, who convene to compete and watch Pahlawani. Pahlawani is a traditional form of wrestling. Wrestling, as one of the sports that still has the potential to excite war-torn people, continues in every corner that is a little bit away from the main Taliban war, where people can focus on something else than the war and those they have lost due to it for a while.
Ebrahim Alipoor is a freelance photographer from Kurdistani Iran.

[ RECREATIONAL & TRADITIONAL SPORTS ] A single photograph that celebrates the role sports play in the community. Images may show the emotional highlights of players on the field or the reactions of fans. Local, traditional, and obscure games which are often neglected in mainstream media are welcome in this category. The pictures must be from non-professional settings. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2021.

Judges for Recreational & Traditional Sports
Ikuru Kuwajima
Tanvi Mishra
Sanjit Das
Maika Elan
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