Ikuru Kuwajima

Moscow, RUSSIA

Ikuru Kuwajima is a Moscow-based artist born in Japan, educated as a photojournalist at University of Missouri, but living and working in Eastern European and Central Asian countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, in the past 13 years. His works explore identity, culture, history and social issues primarily in the post-Soviet states through photography and other media. He also attended European contemporary photography workshop Reflexions Masterclass from 2010 to 2013.

We will be introducing the judges for 2022, one at a time. Keep coming back.

Statement of Judging Ethics

The mission of Pictures of the Year Asia is to recognize excellence in the photojournalism and documentary photography. “Show truth with a camera,” remains the guiding principle as articulated by POY founder Cliff Edom in 1943.

Pictures of the Year Asia selects judges who apply the highest journalistic and ethical standards to their selections as well as their own actions as jurors.

We recognize that our profession is a close network and that judges are also working journalists.We carefully consider any potential conflicts and then counsel all members about their obligations to be fair and impartial.

The judging process is an open forum for all to observe in person or virtually. Our goal is to conduct POY Asia with transparency and integrity.

The decisions regarding the winning entries reflect the collaborative effort of the entire judging team. Just as the results are viewed as an example of excellence in visual journalism, the judging process itself sets a standard of professionalism.

Judging process

The judges will meet virtually, and each will make a pre-selection on his or her own. These final projects and images will be selected by the judges which will be broadcast live.

Please join us for live discussions through @poyasia Facebook page as we review the entries.


The judges are nominated by Prashant Panjiar, Maye-E Wong, Tanya Habjouqa, Lynden Steele and Kay-Chin Tay, all Founding Advisors of POY ASIA.