Becoming / Taiwanese series: A Bow and the void of head before the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, formerly Taiwan Shrine.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Liang-Pin Tsao is an artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. He holds an MFA degree from Pratt Institute, and is the recipient of Fulbright Grant, New York Residency Program sponsored by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan, and scholarship from Pratt Institute among others. His recent works, Becoming / Taiwanese, investigate the Chinese Martyrs’ Shrines in Taiwan and their relational tension between colonial history, self-identity and value awareness especially in light of transitional justice and biopolitics. Liang also devotes himself to art education, public service and open culture. He is an adjunct assistant professor at National Chengchi University, and is one of the advisory committee members of the establishment of National Center of Photography and Images. He initiated a symposium project, Photo Talks, in 2015 to promote contemporary photography in Taiwan. In 2016, he established Lightbox Photo Library, a non-for-profit organization, which is free and open to all, and employed as a method to pursue cultural autonomy, knowledge equity and a more inclusive community.

Becoming / Taiwanese series: Memorial Archway of Miaoli Martyrs' Shrine, formerly Byoritsu Shrine.

"Photography is a way of seeing. More importantly, photography is the power to acquire images. An image can empower the voiceless while rendering the abuse of power powerless."

Liang-Pin Tsao

Becoming / Taiwanese series: Two crew-cut junior high school students and a broken KMT party emblem in Keelung Martyrs' Shrine, formerly a Shito Shrine.
Becoming / Taiwanese series: Visitor activities at Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine, formerly Toen Shrine.
Lightbox staff group portrait in front of Lightbox Photo Library.