Police fire tear gas toward protesters in Admiralty, Hong Kong during Umbrella Movement, 29 September 2014.

Nathan Tsui is a writer, photographer, and photo editor based in Hong Kong who focuses on social and political issues. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Communications at the University of Massachusetts Amherst,  he went back to his birthplace to pursue a career in the media industry. In the past decade, he worked for the Photo Magazine, HK01, and currently for the South China Morning Post. In his spare time, he writes photographer interviews and articles on social media and for multiple media in Chinese, including Initium Media, The Reporter, Stand News, and more. He was a photojournalist documenting major social unrest in Hong Kong before and after Umbrella Movement (2014) for the online media United Social Press.  You can find his works and articles in various media including The New York Times, Ming Pao, Stand News, and Apple Daily.

Christmas flowers are removed after the holiday season in Mong Kok, Hong Kong in January 2019.

"Documentary photography and photojournalism remain powerful ways to gain the reader’s attention and understand the story visually. It could be a tool to empower the voiceless, reveal the truth, and achieve social justice."

Nathan Tsui

China national flag and Hong Kong SAR flag on display at Victoria Park, Hong Kong during the 25th handover anniversary activities on 26 June 2022.
Words reading “Chinese Dream” are written on a chalkboard at a school, in Cenxi, Guangxi, a city that connects 3 major economical regions in Southern China: the Pearl River region, Hong Kong-Macau region, and the Great Southwest region. As parents migrate to the city to look for jobs for a better living, children were often left behind in the villages in China.
A deadly gas explosion shook Taiwan’s second largest city Kaohsiung, causing at least 28 dead and 302 wounded, on 2nd August 2014.
Protest signs are covered with paint on an electricity facility near a park under the Chinese national and Hong Kong SAR flags in 2021.