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Thursday, 22 July 2021


Singapore Standard Time

Liang-Pin Tsao

Taipei, TAIWAN

Lightbox: Past, Present, Future

45 minutes

Started by a group of young Taiwanese artists and photography lovers in May 2016, Lightbox has grown to be an important cultural venue in Taipei. In its such history, this not-for-profit library specializing in photography books has collected more than 5000 books and played host to more than 200 talks, lectures and workshops.  Lightbox’s original mission was to focus on Taiwanese photography as they found that “those interested in photography have no place to go for research, learning and discussion” but its collection is now international.  As the key driver of Lightbox, Liang-Pin Tsao, an acclaimed photographer himself, will take us through the organization’s journey and share with us what the future holds for Lightbox.

Friday, 23 July 2021


Singapore Standard Time

Abir Abdullah


Picture Editor? What's That?

45 minutes

While Picture Editor and Director of Photography are common job titles and functions in western newsrooms, they are still relatively alien concept in Asia. Three years ago, when Abir Abdullah started a conversation with a potential employer about a possible leadership role in a newspaper in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he faced mammoth obstacles. In order to convince them that a picture editor plays very different (but important) roles compared to a chief photographer, Abir researched the industry and spoke with many professionals in the region. Even after becoming one of the first and few picture editors in his country, Abir also discovered that most colleagues in his newsroom were resistant and had no idea why their paper needed a visual champion.

About POY Asia Presents

When we created POY Asia, we made a pledge that we will not just be about a competition; and that education and robust exchange are necessary for our profession to grow.

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