Asian Winners in POYi & CPOY

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Asian Winners in POYi

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77th Pictures of the Year International

Photography Book of the Year 2020

Pictures of the Year International is one of the few photojournalism and documentary photography competitions with a dedicated category for photography books. In the 77th POY in 2020, Japanese photographer Miki Hasegawa impressed the judges with Internal Notebook, and was awarded winner for Photography Book of the Year 2020. POY Asia Co-Director & Founding Advisor Kay-Chin Tay, who was a member of the jury that selected Hasegawa’s book, pens his thoughts on this amazing book which examines the issue of child abuses.

Quick links to POY websites: POYi / CPOY / POY Latam / POY Asia

“In recent years, Asian photographers have gained prominence in the Pictures of the Year International competition and their success stories are very important in inspiring more young visual storytellers from the Asia continent to enter the photojournalism profession. While these achievements need to be celebrated, what’s also important is sharing the personal anecdotes of the struggles each hero went through to shine in a realm that is still predominantly Western. Like POYi, POY Asia will not just be about recognizing great images. This must also be a platform to learn from and inspire one another; a place to build a community that benefits one another; a bridge to connect photographers across continental divides, continuing the mission POYi has been striving to accomplish in the past eight decades.”

Kay-Chin TAY
Co-Director & Founding Advisor
POY Asia