Md Enamul Kabir

Due to the lockdown in Dhaka, everything is closed. For the street animals, it is a hard time as well. Many animal welfare organizations are giving food each day and many people personally are doing that especially for the street dogs. We have four dogs (RANI, KALLU, TIGER, and BROWNIE) downstairs. We are trying to give them food each day. Brownie was born here, and she is a very good dog. She likes to do drama, always wants extra love, extra attention, and very jealous of other female dogs. She was probably too hungry today that she did not bother about stairs and just sat in front of my door. There are so many Brownies, Tigers in the street, downstairs of your house, who need food. Please don’t hurt them rather give them some food.
Md Enamul Kabir is a Dhaka-based freelance photographer. He has completed the advanced course in photography from Begart Institute of Photography. For him, photography is all about moments and being a witness. He loves his photos to be concise and cohesive and he tries to achieve the best result possible with fewer subjects. Apart from that, Enamul loves to take photos of animals. “Being a good human is much more important than being a good photographer.”