Due to COVID-19, people feared doing anything, including to go outside, or to eat from outside. Dead bodies lie along the road without unclaimed. Children do not meet their old parents. Parents say goodbye to their child from a distance. COVID-19 forced the whole world into a new shape. Despite the challenges, Bidyanondo, a voluntary organization, continues spreading their lesson on what to do for people beyond fear, life, race, religion even status. They are really the heroes of the world.
I am Riben Dhar from Chattogram, Bangladesh. I have been falling in love with visual art from an early age. Environment around us always influences me even if it is social, cultural or political. As a member of a lower middle-class family, Addiction in photography always takes a lot from my life except the flavor of different meanings of life. My many dreams defeated me many times in many ways but in photography It gives opportunity to dream in a new way, to feel Life behind the life, story behind the story, scene behind the scene. I define myself as a travel-documentary-art photographer. Even I adore a lot in wedding photography where I always believe to find real documentation of important days of a couple. Many National and international recognitions have also been achieved through different prizes and publications in international and national Journal During My Journey.