Family members of Mrs Kamrunnesa, 90, accompanied by her two sons Rafique and Selimgoing, heading to another medical facility after failing to get a bed in one hospital, On the other side of the road is a truck going to the graveyard with a victim who died in COVID-19. Picture taken in front of Dhaka Medical Hospital, on 18 April 2020, the 22nd day of lockdown in the city.
Moniruzzaman Sazal: “My main objective of photography is to tell the sufferings of people and to highlight different problems exist in society. I believe that expressing others toil through photographs can be the best way to aware people. With a view to making this happen, I have been working on different projects which mainly cover the climate change issues with its effect on lives, natural diversity, different odds and discrimination in the society, cultural diversity and unity of religion. Though I am working as a general manager in a private company, I have been involved in photography since childhood. I got several local and international acknowledgments for my work. I hope and wish that I will be able to serve my country and on a larger scale the world through my work.”