When the COVID-19 started, the whole city was locked. The whole pressure falls on the economy. Millions of people lose their livelihoods and even their daily sources of income are cut off. Thousands of families became destitute. Food, medicine, livelihood are all lost and trapped within the four walls. During this difficult time, some volunteers risked their lives to stand by those people. Sometimes the government provides relief and sometimes it collects some relief through social means and delivers it to the needy people. This photo was taken 22th May,2020 while the volunteer was busy delivering food.
Jubair Ahmed Arnob, an independent documentary photographer, was born in 2000 based Bangladesh. I had started my photography journey in year 2018. I have completed my basic course on photography from Chhaya Institute of Communication and Photography. My photography work is based on struggle, disaster, social rights, climate change, and long term projects.