LuLu near the East Lake, Wuhan, China. Located in the Chinese central province of Hubei, Wuhan became widely known for the new coronavirus disease epicenter that has spread worldwide causing the COVID-19 pandemic. During my stay I’ve decided to photograph people that I got to know as well as the city trying to make sense and see what the 76 days of, what has been called, draconian measures of lockdown has left in Wuhan and its population.
Raul Ariano started his career as assistant photographer working in his native Milan first and New York City later, his experience as studio assistant photographer has shaped him in using light both natural and artificial which has been impressed in his photographic style ever since. Focused mostly in editorial and portraiture as well as long term projects within Shanghai and China as a whole. Raul has been based in different cities such as New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo and Hong Kong, he is currently based in Shanghai, China.