[ Macau, MACAU ] This has not been seen in Macau for a few years. It ended in scenes of confusion and an invasion of the Macau Labor Affairs Bureau during a meeting with construction workers. The police intervened to disperse the crowd and open the road that was cut off for long minutes, with hundreds of unemployed construction workers in a spontaneous demonstration during Covid-19 pandemic days.
Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro is a Portuguese photojournalist who has been living in Macau for the past 10 years. Winner of a number of awards during his career, Gonçalo has also had a number of exhibitions in his own name and collectively. Published in 2015, “Macau 5.0 | 澳門 5.0 | Macao 5.0” is his first book of photography. In 2019, he published “Myanmar: o retrato de um povo”.
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