People from the Kasba Bavada area from Kolhapur, Maharashtra western states of India rushed to purchase vegetables. It is the first phase of nationwide lockdown. The market shifted to the adjoining highway with distanced marking to maintain social distancing. Everywhere in rural India mostly the overcrowded places like vegetable markets were shifted to outside or roadside to maintain a safe distance. Similarly, people are staying at home. it was difficult to manage discipline in people to avoid the rush and to avoid a blunder. Health care workers, Police, and administration are trying their best to avoid the rush in public places and avoid spreading of COVID-19.
Abhijeet Gurjar is an independent visual journalist from Kolhapur, India. He has completed Mechanical Engineering. Later in 2006, he has pursued his Mass Communication & Journalism education 2006. He is the winner of the Photo SouthAsia Grant, 2020. He was a Finalist in the Portrait Competition organized by the Indian Photo Festival. He has been selected for IPF2020 Portfolio Reviews by Nat Geo Photo Editorial Team. He is developing his personal Documentary Projects. He is also freelancing as a photojournalist since 2017 and producing Multimedia stories for various International Publications. He has contributed to international Photo agencies like Reuters, Zuma Press, and Majority World. He has been featured in The Time UK, The Wall Street Journal, LaCroix, MSN, Mongabay, The Hindu, The wire, FirstPost, Lokmat publications.