During the lockdown time, everyone started to feel caged. The news channels and newspapers are full of death reports and the dealing of death numbers. Every day is just becoming a number to us. Now it’s the time to fill the indoor life with some fun and positivity. I have started to notice the activities of my family member. I didn’t see my father supporting my elder sister getting wet in rain in my life before. She is feeling the freedom like this in the long lockdown period. Now everyone is spending time out of social media. Avoiding social media and togetherness becomes the most positive thing I have noticed in the lockdown period.
I am Aniruddha Karmakar, a student of ICAT Design & Media Collage, Bangalore. I have started my photography since my school days. I have started freelancing photography here in college time in the various field live event, wedding, documentary, and e-commerce field. For me, photography is a way to express my feeling through a picture directly or metaphorically.