A number of villagers are seen entering a cyclone shelter as water flooded the village due to the breach in the embankment on Vidyadhari river at Mohanpur, Minakhan, West Bengal in the aftermath of cyclone Amphan on 25/05/2020. Amphan hit with maximum intensity at the coasts of West Bengal on 20th May 2020. Indian was already struggling economically during the lockdown and amidst such an adversity, the villagers witnessed the largest migration. Amphan took more than 80 lives. Coastal regions, where mostly people who work as migrants live, were affected terribly. The cyclone shelter was flooded with people whose homes were flooded and social distancing and other precautions was a farce. Many people stood in knee-deep water to get a chance to fit inside the cyclone center. The people in the coastal regions of Sundarban were among those few people who experienced the wrath of a natural disaster to its core.
Avijit Ghosh is a 27-year-old Kolkata-based photojournalist working on short stories, long term projects, and daily news. He completed his post-graduate Diploma in Photography at the Ramkrishna Mission Institute. Currently, he is working as a contributor for Hong Kong-based news agency, SOPA images, which distributes his work through agencies like Getty Images and AP. His photographs have been published in BBC, Huffington Post, Microsoft News, DPA International, Yahoo India and The Times. He has also garnered awards from international organizations such as UNESCO and Ramsar Convention.