Due to the lockdown, when the entire world is losing positivity of their life, daily news is coming with the increasing number of deaths, every now and then there is a fear surrounding us, I was in search of some positivity of life. I started keeping myself busy with any works as staying the whole day at home was not my cup of tea. I started documenting the most neglected part of my life, my home & my family. Somehow I gained some positivity in clicking them candidly, I found a new perspective of our so-called two-dimensional frames. I didn’t see my parents playing ‘LUDO’ with so much joy in my entire life before, because they probably didn’t get that much time or opportunity to spend time together like this. Probably one good cause I found in that damn lockdown that we were too much connected with social media, but not within ourselves. We played, we fought, we cried, we laughed, we cooked, we planted, washed clothes, saw late-night movies, we did so many things, which we didn’t get time to do ‘together’ in our so-called normal life earlier. That’s the only thing I found ‘Positive’ in this lockdown.
Dipayan Bose is a self-taught freelance photographer. He has started photography during his college days, and unknowingly it became a very important part of his life once he finished his studies. Though he started his career in an IT company he didn’t last very long within those concrete walls. In 2017, he left his job and started freelance photography in various segments like commercials, events, weddings, documentaries, photojournalism and finally found his core interest in documentary & photojournalism. He has experience in teaching photography at ICAT design & Media college, Chennai & AAFT University, Raipur for more than three years. But somehow the core productivity was missing hence he started freelance photojournalism in news wire agencies and doing his personal projects, photo stories & workshops, etc. According to him, documenting human life, social issues, and environmental stories through photojournalism is not only a documentation process but also its proof of a time or incident. So it’s a responsibility to keep the truth through the lens for future references. As a photographer, he always believed in creativity rather than gears.