Days after lockdown I was walking down the streets with my camera in the city of Bangalore early in the morning. I saw this guy wearing a mask and enjoying a sunbath which seemed to be a long due because of restrictions. (Bangalore is a very crowded city due to which colonies are tightly packed and there often are houses with no sunlight). It was a very serene experience as it depicted a ray of hope for mankind that nature hasn't given upon us.
My name is Vipan Raj Singh, a 29 years old Photographer based in Kashmir. Growing up Photography was the perfect medium for me to express myself. As I learned about the world through photography, I was compelled to document untold stories of everyday life in Kashmir. When I was accepted into a workshop led by two veteran photographers from Kashmir, Mr. Showqat Nanda, and Mr. Altaf Qadri, it motivated me to push myself and my limitations in photography. I then decided to move to New Zealand and study at South Seas Film School for one year. Upon returning to India, I started working for a commercial photography company and pursuing personal projects after the workday. In one of my ongoing projects; I explore the way that humans and dogs share a similar life in much of India: the daily struggle for food and respect in a fast-paced society. My dream is to work for a newspaper someday, bringing light to these overlooked corners of our country. In the meantime, I’m happy to continue documenting both the unique and the universal around me, always learning more about life in the place I call home.