Our pet dog feeling sad of not being able to go out during the lockdown declared by government last March after COVID-19 cases started detecting in India.
Sreeranj Sreedhar is a street and documentary photographer from Kerala, India. Having worked in Dubai for 28 years, he has now retired from corporate life and pursuing full time photography in India since 2018, capturing the culture and traditions of Kerala. Sreeranj started serious photography in the year 2011 and got interested to capture the unusual moments of the daily life, culture and festivals around the world. He has attended masterclass workshops conducted by Magnum and other respected masters of photography to fine tune his skills and knowledge in this art. He now conducts photo tours on Kerala festivals, street photography workshops and mentor programs for aspiring photographers. Currently he is documenting all the major festivals and cultural events of Kerala and engaging in responsible tourism to help and promote some of the dying art forms and encourage the artists. His works have been exhibited at local and international venues and published in National Geographic, NatGeo Traveller India, Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine USA, Wanderlust Travel Magazine UK to name a few. He has also received many awards in this short span of time.