After the nationwide lockdown was declared by the government, a large number of infants missed their vaccination, which is considered one of the most essential things for a healthy future. After the lockdown was lifted, frontline health workers are working overnight to rectify the situation. They are doing house calls to make up for lost time.
Subhajit Naskar is a Kolkata-based photojournalist & visual artist. He loves to capture every little emotion through his lens. The ever flowing stream of human emotions have always moved him from inside. He believes that every frame is not just a painting; it always conveys a story – stories of emotions. His works have been featured in various magazines and newspapers and exhibited in various exhibitions. He was a finalist in LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2018 and received an honourable mention award in 14th Black & White Spider Awards (Photojournalism). Right now he’s working as a photojournalist in a newspaper.