A policeman in military fatigue uniform aims a thermometer gun to the forehead of an elderly man inside a van, as the police sets up a check point in strategic areas and halt, inspects every vehicle that is about to enter the city, during the first hour of Community Lockdown, 15 March, 2020 in Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Those greater than the normal body temperature of 37.5°C, would be asked to stay for further evaluation and if needed, the person shall be isolated in an area. Later on during the quarantine period, elderly people, those 60 years old and above would be asked to stay home and remain inside their homes until authorities lifted the restriction. Temperature check had been the protocol and first measure of prevention and containment of coronavirus. Almost a year into quarantine, people are still subjected to this protocol whenever they enter establishments.
Joel S. MATARO shoots documentary and street and is a photographer affiliated to PonD News Asia and has been contributing to Pacific Press Agency, Getty Images, Alamy including Philippine daily broadsheets like Daily Tribune, Philippine Daily Inquirer, WOW Batangas, Weekly Frontpage Batangas and others.