Beachgoer Eugenia Yip gestures towards a plane headed for Changi Airport in Singapore, August 27, 2020. “I didn’t quite realise how good we had it until our privilege to travel got taken away by the pandemic. I miss having the freedom of mobility,” says the 32-year-old musician. Global tourism is facing what is probably its greatest challenge in modern history as countries worldwide shut their borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For those desperate for a getaway, domestic flights and cruises to nowhere have taken off to great fanfare. But these voyages also serve as a painful reminder of better days past, and the fact that beyond this pandemic, international travel will likely never quite be the same as it once was.
Feline Lim is a photographer and visual artist based in Singapore. She began her photography career as an intern at The Straits Times, before returning to the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information to complete her degree in photojournalism. In 2018 she started working as a photographer for Reuters to cover news and sports both locally and abroad. Her time at the company has also seen her work as a TV news producer with Reuters Video Network, and a multimedia journalist for Reuters Plus, the agency’s branded content arm. Feline currently strings for various other news agencies and works as multimedia journalist for RICE Media, an alternative news outlet based in Thailand and Singapore.