Overgrown grass at Coleman Street with the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands in the background, 7 pm, 13 July 2020. During the mid-2020 circuit breaker period in Singapore, only essential work was permitted. City workers stopped mowing green spaces across the country, letting street-side vegetation grow wild even in the city centre — an unusual and intriguing sight in immaculately manicured Singapore.
Quince Pan is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Singapore. His work has been awarded thrice, exhibited four times and featured in multiple publications, including the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism and Carpe Bloom. In 2016, he participated in the Noise Art Mentorship, kickstarting his ongoing long-term family photo project, JBM. He was also an intern at Logue and a project assistant at Objectifs, where he was involved in Passing Time by Lui Hock Seng. Deeply passionate about society, culture and heritage, he has volunteered for My Community and Sing Lit Station, and is active in Hokkien sociolinguistics groups.