Worker’s Party supporters on motorcycle defiantly holding up an inflatable hammer during celebrations at Hougang Avenue 5 on the night the general election results were announced. Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, Singapore held its General Elections on 10th of July 2020. In spite of the prohibitions on mass gatherings, large crowds of people turned out at Blk 322 Hougang Avenue 5 on election night on July 10th 2020 to celebrate the historic gains made by the opposition Workers’ Party, which increased its seats from six to ten, the most number the opposition have held since Singapore’s independence. In this “crisis of a generation” the flight to safety predicted by many analysts did not materialise.
Lim Weixiang is a Singapore based photographer/ videographer. Adept at a variety of photography styles, his work takes him from the studio into shipyards, construction sites, and into football stadiums all across Asia. In 2019, he won the award for Best Sports Photo of the Year in Singapore. His works have been exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Artscience Museum , as well as at the Noorderlicht Photo Festival in The Netherlands.